Our hand crafted all-natural POPS are modeled after the traditional South American paleta. Each POP is made using fresh ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible.  All of our pops are VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE.  We use natural sweeteners including evaporated cane juice, coconut palm sugar, and raw organic cane sugar to give our fruity POPS their sweetness.  And, we are currently working on a no-added-sugar pop!

The POP Nation cares deeply about the environment, so, our POP bags are recyclable and our POP sticks are biodegradable. As a company, we work hard to limit our waste output to one bag of trash per week and compost all of our excess food scraps for reinvestment in community gardens.


Capay Organic and Pop NationEatwell Farm and Pop Nation

Bridgeway Farms Pop Nation

Cloverleaf Pop Nation

(More links to our local farmers coming soon...)

If you are a small business or a company using sustainable practices, and would like to see your produce or confections in our gourmet ice pops, please contact us!  Plus points for those who are within a 100 mile radius of our San Francisco based manufacturing kitchen and using organic practices!