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The Pop Nation is a family-run business that started in San Francisco in 2011. 


Being a small, independent company, we've had the freedom to place people first and make good business decisions that also support a sustainable food culture.  We believe in creating high quality products using natural ingredients that we feel good about giving our children and families for generations to come! 







Our hand crafted POPS are modeled after the traditional Mexican Paletas. Each one of our POPS is made using fresh, locally sourced fruits and ingredients. All our flavors are 100% VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE. And we use only natural sweeteners including coconut palm sugar and raw organic cane sugar to give our fruity POPS their sweetness.  


The Pop Nation cares deeply about the environment. Our POP bags are recyclable and our POP sticks are biodegradable. As a company, we work hard to limit our waste output, carbon footprint and water use to the bare minimum.


We hope you enjoy our pops!


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